Being Very Pregnant

So many things important moments happened this summer of becoming very pregnant, and I struggled to keep up as it flew right by. The growing baby I carried took a great deal of energy and attention, and I was grateful to be supported by loved ones on every step of the journey. We were blessed with a fairly mild Colorado summer, and I spent the entire thing in dresses and flip flops. The worst weeks of heat happened to hit when Grandpa Tim and Jeff built a deck off the back of our little house. Was building a fairly elaborate deck as we prepared for this baby a great idea? Maybe not. But did it turn out beautifully? Absolutely. And having Tim with us for 3 weeks was wonderful. Jeff definitely got a hit by the majority of my emotional peaks and valleys, and there was a week where I struggled to sleep because I was so annoyed that the nursery remained unpainted as the deck took shape. Fortunately, Tim sensed the nursery was going to continue to make his son’s life difficult if it did not get done, and so the Walters men rose at 6 am one morning to paint before heading out into the heat to deal with the deck.

Baby Babs and I got along much better after morning sickness ceased before 20 weeks, and I was able to keep up a pretty active pace for most of the summer (though a painful pelvis meant running stopped just before 30 weeks). In remaining active, there were days when I really felt a lot like my pre-pregnancy self. However, there was no denying the burgeoning belly that I trucked around with. In the last two months, there have been times when I’ve felt like an exotic animal, as people cannot help but stare at my sizable stomach. The most awkward of these moments happened just last week when I walked across the University of Colorado campus a midst thousands of college students. On that short trek, I actually felt more like a walking birth control ad than any kind of animal. It struck me how differently I’m received in the “grown up” world of the public spheres I usually wander in. Regardless of the environment, this belly and I have been trying to “work the waddle” as my yoga teacher suggested, and I’d say we’ve done alright.


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