The Grand Goodbye

Leaving home is never fun for me.  Sure, I enjoy travelling and have moved a lot.  But with Boulder as home, there were few places I wanted to be more.  The life we made in Boulder (and Louisville, which is still in Boulder County;), first as single people and then as a family, was a very sweet one.  The friends we made, the trails we loved, the church that nourished us…there was so much to be thankful for.

All of that became even more clear as we prepared to uproot our little family and relocate to Santiago, Chile.  People took care of us in the most kind and amazing ways.  Neighbors brought over fish fresh off the grill for lunch; lovely people watched Rayna and brought pizzas and sat with us at our garage sales; people prayed for us to survive the incredible stress that comes with wrapping up a PhD and a GAL career, selling a house, vising bi-coastal relatives and packing up for an intercontinental move.  In the weeks before we boarded our plane for South America, we relied on people every single day.  I will always be so grateful to those who kindly sacrificed their time for us.  And Uncle Josh and Kelsey get special recognition for actually parenting our baby for 3 days so that Jeff and I could celebrate a wonderful Walters wedding.

I could go on and on, but the tears are welling up and there’s no way to really put into words how much we will miss all of you who have loved us so well.  Thank you for celebrating this decision with us, even when it seemed completely crazy.  We couldn’t have made it without all the help, and though we’ve said goodbye, we also plan to see our loved ones as often as possible.  We’ll be ready for visitors in just a few weeks, so put Chile on your list and thank you again to those who helped us get here.


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