Tiny beds, cow ribs, and bike lanes.

View from our window of the winter Andes.

View from our window of the winter Andes.

So often, we talk about how we need balance in life.  In this new life we have entered, I’m weighing things and it’s a good day when the balance is more towards interesting, positive things.  So far, we are doing awesome.  Yes, the place Jeff rented for our first week in Santiago has a tiny bed that would fit only him, but is where we have both been sleeping.  Not so cool.  But we also have been staying with a delightful French woman who offers up tips for Chilean living and has so many positive things to say about ex-pat life in Santiago.  Not to mention the sweet doormen who welcome us when we come and go, making this random apartment building feel a bit like home.

And yes, I accidentally ordered cow ribs our first night here.  Normally I don’t eat much beef, but when our sweet friends invited us out to dinner, I looked at the menu and decided to jump in con gusto.  I honestly had no idea what I was requesting, but figured it would be good because food from cows in South America is good, right?  Well, not so much when it comes to cow ribs.  But, despite my tough, uncuttable meal, we had a lovely dinner with a couple who want to be our PEOPLE.  Praise Jesus.  We need people.  We are people people.  And by a small miracle, there are people here who already care about us.  What a gift.  And Rayna was stoked, as one of these sweet people gave her an entire cup of mango juice, despite me trying to block the juice cup from re-entering her grasp.

And then there are the bike lanes.  Oh my gosh, I have to say, I never expected there to be bike lanes.  JOY!!!  There have been times when we have thought it was a mistake to have our bikes shipped here.  When I see bike lanes and people with helmets, I feel so happy it’s a little ridiculous.  We also met a woman who bikes to work, to her friend’s houses, and everywhere she wants to go.  I will be friends with this woman and will attach Rayna’s bike seat as soon as our shipment arrives.

Honestly, even taking into account my pollyanna tendencies, things have gone pretty well so far.  We have eaten good food, laughed with new friends, found our way around a huge city on a stellar metro, and been a family unit so tight we get sad parting for even a couple of hours.  There has been so much good, it has made the hard stuff bearable.  That said, we would love prayers that Jeff’s visa issues get resolved, that we wisely choose an apartment, and that we find an awesome church to pour into.

So on balance, life (so far!) is good.  We miss you all, but if you download whatsapp, I’ll send you random texts and photos.  Love!!!!


One thought on “Tiny beds, cow ribs, and bike lanes.

  1. So happy to hear from you!!! the picture is beautiful and helps identify for me “where in the world you are”! Praying for you all and will keep jeffs visa on the priority list of prayers.
    Love you all, keep the posts coming!!! Oxox

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