The Real Deal

Just hanging out on our sweet guest-ready futon

Rayna just hanging out on our sweet new futon.

Recently a friend asked us to post more pictures, as there are folks at home who would love to see them.  I was immediately inspired and had my camera out multiple times that day, shooting our view from the 14th floor and the statutes I pass on my “usual” (I’ve done it maybe 4 times) run route.  I took note of the cool lamps lighting Pedro Valdivia, wanted to get ice cream just to snap a shot of the rows of flavors, and even took a selfie in the elevator.  As an over-sharer, a request to share more is akin to getting flowers: I just LOVE it.

However, we do have a couple of reasons for our lack of photos.  First, we’re doing a lot of boring, regular life stuff.  For example, yesterday, I shopped for health insurance.  Now, granted, this felt like an adventure to me.  Rayna and I took our first micro (bus).  I almost caused a little fight because I refused the first seat offered to me, but when a second one was offered, I accepted after realizing how bumpy and jerky the ride was (I’m used to the smooth riding metro).  One concerned older man grumpily and loudly started complaining about all the young people on the bus refusing to give this lady with a baby a seat, but he was informed that the silly lady with the baby didn’t want the first seat, he apologized.  Anyways, after arriving at the massive and gorgeous Clinica Alemana (I’m talking waterfalls and gardens inside the place), I set my sights on discussing medical coverage, out of network providers, and the price difference between plans. This was fairly intense for me as it was all done in Spanish, and Rayna was getting squirmy wit nap time was rapidly approaching. I successfully got quotes for a bunch of plans (though was unsuccessful at actually understanding what the plans offered, which became clear when I tried to explain them to Jeff last night:/) but let’s be honest, this is boring stuff.  Jeff leaves early for work, buys his fresh-squeezed OJ for the commute (this is the highlight of his morningJ), then spends his day at Universidad Diego Portales.  He’s preparing for classes, researching grants and projects to pursue, and trying to understand his boss when he invites him to things.  This all seems to be going fairly well, and he feels like classes are going better each week.  He also managed to accurately interpret an invite from his boss, and we made our way to a gorgeous house a bit outside of Santiago on Saturday afternoon.  We spent the evening enjoying barbequed meat, plenty of wine, and discussing the differences between Chile and the U.S.   We even watched some awesome music videos that ranged from TSwift to the video for “I’m Too Sexy.”  Needless to say, they were fantastic hosts.

Ok, back to discussing our regular life.  As for Rayna and I, our days are interesting only because we’re just starting to understand how things work and where things are.  We eat breakfast, she throws food all over our tiny kitchen, I clean it up, we head out on errands.  Again, boring stuff.  Sure, we find ourselves scaling stairs in a running stroller in order to find a bike shop to help fill some deflated tires, and yes, we wander random streets seeking out the elusive key-making guy, and it’s kinda fun…until she gets annoyed and screams to let me know it’s nap time.  Then it’s frustrating not to know which of the 14 tiny stores in our neighborhood carry her formula on a Saturday (remember, lots of places are closed).  I like to pretend we’re just a typical mom and tot in a big city, but I’ll be honest, we don’t blend in that well.  Regarldess, we’ve mostly been filling our days with reading books, playing, running errands, making messes and learning about the world (today we brushed our teeth together, which was awesome).  I’m pretty sure only Rayna’s grandparents would like photos of that!

The other reason I don’t post many photos is that I struggle with the balance of just enjoying the moment versus trying to capture it to present it to an audience.  We live in a time where we all share so much, and I appreciate it most of the time.  But sometimes, I wish I could enjoy where I’m at without contemplating how to distribute my experience to social media.  So if we’re not posting pictures about life, it’s potentially because it’s either boring, or we’re just really enjoying it.  Orrr we still don’t have access to wifi.  Honestly, I look forward to taking trips and capturing some awesome memories (we’ve been looking back at Rayna’s last year in photos and it has been a BALL!), and then sharing them with you all.  But we can’t share too much, because then what would motivate you people to come visit us?!?!

We so appreciate that there are people who care about what we are doing and keep on keepin’ in touch!  Much love from Santiago!!!

Our Room With a ViewAnd the other view.14 Floors Down

These happen more than they should.

These happen more than they should.


2 thoughts on “The Real Deal

  1. I love every word you are writing and getting a tiny glimpse of your new life. That pic of Rayna on the futon is adorable – she already looks older! Keep ’em coming. Hug each other for me!

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