I have had so many things bouncing around my mind these last few weeks.  From privilege and the way we wield it as immigrants in Chile, to favor and how we recognize and talk about being so blessed, my brain has been in tumult.   Maybe someday I’ll unpack those ideas, but for now, here’s the more concrete take on life of late.

The month of May was typically full.  There was an abundance of chilly days, meet ups with friends, and wine.  We celebrated being parents by letting our friends babysit, enjoyed a weekend away from the city with our beloved downstairs neighbors, and spent time exploring our neighborhood/comuna, Providencia.  Near the end of the month, emotions ran high as we prepared for the Freer Walters girls to take leave of Chile for an entire season (winter or summer, depending on where you’re at).  The choice to be apart for weeks at a time over the next three months was not an easy one.  We genuinely love doing life as a team and our community and part of the city are both awesome.  But with winter descending on Santiago, I dreaded being cooped up in our apartment and dealing with the serious air contamination.  Jeff will be attending work conferences that will have him leaving Chile, and there was no shortage of important things happening in the lives of our family and friends that I didn’t want to miss.  With all of this in mind and important anniversaries and weddings as anchors, we agreed that Rayna and I should spend the next three months abroad.

Our travel itinerary seems ludicrous, but in this sweet and intense life we are living, crazy plans have somehow become the norm.  I will board 13 planes this summer, sleep in who knows how many different beds, and hopefully get to hug nearly every single one of my very favorite people in the world.  We will be in New York, Colorado, and Washington all together, and have planned a special anniversary trip that will be toddler-free.  I will be present for important celebrations of marriages new and old, in town when babies are born and in the USA for July 4th.  I will sleep under the same roof as my precious nieces and nephews and spend time with my brothers and my sweet sisters-in-law.   These are just some of the amazing things I am so excited to experience this next season.

It will be hard, to be separated from each other for weeks at a time, to live out of suitcases and to not have our own home or a set routine for such an extended period.  But we have love in abundance.  With the hospitality and kindness of our friends and family, along with the provision of God, we hope to make lots of great memories in this next season.  Just as with life in Santiago, I am planning to just take it day by day, trip by trip, flight by flight.  We already overcame one of the most intimidating parts of journey, flying from Santiago to Atlanta to Albany.  By the grace of God, my spirited girl was relaxed and well-behaved, and I’m going to call that a mini-miracle.  We had our struggles, for sure, but they were much less awful than I’d expected.  Prayers for health and safe travels over these next three months would be so appreciated.  And hopefully we will be seeing you somewhere along the way!



One thought on “Abundance

  1. Jesse can’t wait to see you gals! Keep documenting your life because it’s going to be an an amazing story. I love these posts.

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