An Ode to Ruth

There are people in every life that are so impacting, so caring, that they leave an indelible mark.  Typically those people are linked to us by blood, but sometimes we are lucky enough to be adopted into those special relationships.  My journey has been irrevocably changed by the presence of one sassy elderly gem named Ruth.  Over a decade ago, Ruth offered to let me stay in her guest room while I found a first apartment in Boulder.  Little did she know that with that invitation, she was opening the door to years of hospitality extended to me, my parents, my friends and now my own little family.

Ruth has been so much more than a friend…she has been a confidant, a guide, a support and a grandma.  She has fed me hundreds of cookies and casseroles, forgiven my messy room and terrible parking, and loved me as if I were her own.  She scolded me when I was taking too long to find a husband, then flew to the wedding to make sure it was really happening.  When a baby was on the way, she bought a pink tricycle, just to make sure our girl wouldn’t go without.  She can’t understand why Jeff couldn’t find a job closer to Colorado, and waits expectantly for our next visit.  While her hearing is fading, her heart and wit are as strong as ever.

This summer, Ruth welcomed our little family for 4 whole weeks (with short visits from both Jeff and my mom).  I worried it would be too much; I fretted over the chaos of me at Boulder-whirlwind-speed and a toddler causing her unnecessary stress.  But as she approached her 92nd birthday, she embraced us without reserve.  The laughter she and Rayna shared will always be one of my favorite Boulder memories.  The casseroles and cookies are still delicious.  And the time spent around her kitchen table was precious.

There are people in life who are beyond compare.  Ruth, you are one of those.  Love!!!


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