My Three Dads

As we celebrate Father’s Day, I’m so grateful for the dads in my life.  First, to the one who raised me, who always encouraged me to try to reach my potential and taught me not to fear adventure.  My dad has spent his life serving, whether that be his country while in the military or his community while “retired” and I’m so inspired by his example.  He is the person I turn to when the world doesn’t make sense (i.e. on November 9th) and he never fails to help me see that there is hope when I look at the bigger picture.  From him, I inherited a love of learning and a glass-half-full perspective, and I’m so thankful for his impact on my life.

Then, six years ago, I became the daughter-in-law of another wonderful dad.  Tim makes me glad to be a Walters, and his love for and support of our family has been a constant throughout our marriage.  His example of generosity, commitment, and get-‘er-done style shaped my husband, and I am so grateful for that.  Following Tim’s lead, Jeff is able fix practically anything, cook better than most, and finish even the most trying of tasks.  I could not imagine a better father-in-law and having him as a bonus dad is such a gift.

And then there is Jeff, the one I picked to be a dad to my kids.  I was old enough when I got married to know I needed to be sure I married a good dad-to-be, and Jeff’s silly, fun-loving side was sure to be a hit with our kids.  What I didn’t realize was how important it would be to share the work of parenting with a person who loved me well.  Because of Jeff’s encouragement and kindness, I am a better person and that helps me be a better mom.  With him as a partner, I have agreed to more adventure than I would have ever thought possible, and I am so glad to be sharing this wild ride with him.  Our girls are little, but I have no doubt that they will grow up to be enamored with their father, who loves them and their mama so well.

My heart is so full this Father’s Day, as I think of these three dads and the blessing that they are in my life.  The world needs more dads like the ones I love.  Though I don’t do a great job of being grateful for all that they do, this weekend I say ‘thank you’ to these men.  Love!



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